‘Blue Sun’ – credits and acknowledgements

This album is dedicated to my partner Alicia, my parents, family and more friends than I can thank here, all who have given me the support and love I needed to finish this album.

Thank you in particular to Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe for their friendship and kindness in encouraging me to keep making music and for supporting me over the years in countless ways to make this album.

Thank you to Baba (Kulavadhuta Satpurananda) for parting the clouds.

This album was written in memory of Hannah, and a percentage of the proceeds of this album will go to Cardiac Risk in the Young UK.


Piano, cello, electric cello, voice – Jack Nunn (Awaken, Vaporise, Vapourised, Parting Clouds, Walk in Bluebell woods)

Violin – performed by Gemma Bass (Vaporise, Vapourised)

Sitar – performed by Kirenjit Dharni (Vaporise, Vapourised)

Composition and writing

All tracks on ‘Blue Sun’ were composed by Jack Nunn, with improvisations by Gemma Bass and Kirenjit Dharni on ‘Vapourised’.

Recording, engineering and production

Piano recordings – Keenan Bailey (Vaporise, Awaken, Parting clouds)

String recording – Duncan Brown (Vaporise, Vapourised) and Jack Nunn (all tracks)

Production, editing – Felix Buxton

Post-production – Duncan Brown

Mastering –  Luís


The artwork was produced by Silvy Liu, featuring a watercolour by Bob Nunn. Inspired by ideas by Dave McCall, Felix Buxton, Jack Nunn and Silvy Liu.

Jack Nunn - Blue Sun [Final Artwork]


This album was released by Atlantic Jaxx Recordings, April 2017.


The 360 virtual reality video for ‘Awaken’ was filmed by Steve Spangaro from Worldview.

The videos for ‘Vaporise’, ‘Vaporised’, ‘Parting Clouds’ and and ‘Walk in Bluebell Woods’ were filmed by Mick Russel.


This portrait of Jack Nunn was taken by photographer Olie Williams.


The logo below was designed by Dave McCall.