Jack Nunn

Jack Nunn is a musician and composer. He also works as a researcher in public health and is currently a PhD candidate looking at ways of involving people in genomics research. He is the founder and Director of the not-for-profit education organisation ‘Science for All‘.  You can contact Jack here

‘Blue Sun’ – first album now available

‘Blue Sun’ is calming, meditative piano – interwoven with cello, violin and sitar – creating rich and immersive soundscapes.

Jack Nunn - Blue Sun [Final Artwork]

Jack Nunn’s album is different from what you might expect from the Atlantic Jaxx record label, started by the Grammy-award-winning duo Basement Jaxx.

Jack Nunn is launched his first album ‘Blue Sun’ in Sydney, June 2017 with a free live performance – part of a collaboration with the digital light and sound artist Fergal Hanley and his Vivid Festival installation, ‘The Harbour Watchman’. 



You can buy the album from a number of places – including Amazon, Google Music and iTunes. Here are some other places you can also buy it from.

You can also listen to the album for free on SoundcloudYouTube, Spotify, Pandora or on these other platforms.


A series of aerial videos was made to accompany each track on the album ‘Blue Sun’ – including a 360-degree virtual reality music video.

This 360 virtual reality video was filmed for the track ‘Awaken’ at sunrise from a hot air balloon over Australia.

Drones were used to film dream-like nature scenes for each of the other tracks on the album, giving you the chance to use technology to create some calming spacetime in your lives.

These videos can be found on a number of online platforms – as some video hosting platforms are censored in countries such as China. You can explore all of the platforms here.


Jack Nunn has been composing music for twenty years, playing cello and piano. He has worked and recorded with a number of artists, including the Grammy award winning Basement Jaxx.

‘Blue Sun’ is Jack Nunn’s first album – the full album credits can be found here.

Inspirations include Indian and Chinese classical music, Debussy, Vaughan Williams and Arvo Pärt.

Jack is from the UK and now lives in Melbourne (Australia). He also works as a researcher in public health and is currently a PhD candidate.

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Jack Nunn is donating 50% of the proceeds he receives from this album to Cardiac Risk in the Young UK.

If you wish to donate to Jack Nunn directly (to help make the next album!), there is more information here.

Please note, 50% of any funds received will be given to the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young UK.